Vehicle Care brought to you by Shining Monkey!

D-Spec Liquid Polish – Clean & Repair Treatment 
This is our first edition in a series of vehicle care tips and tricks. We know you take pride in your ride and want to show off your efforts. These tips and tricks will make detailing your vehicle quick, easy and frustration free! Our first segment is going to tackle Washing. 
What you want to do is look at your car and evaluate the overall condition of your tires, rims, paint, trim and interior. This will help you plan your detailing and let you figure out what you'll need for materials, tools and the time it will take. 

Rule #1 If you can’t hold your hand on your car for 30 seconds, don’t wash / detail it there
Instead move the car to a shaded area and let the surface cool down. Washing or waxing while the surface is hot will result in water spots and more elbow grease to remove any surface applications. (QUICK TIP: To quickly cool your car down, you can
hit it with a blast of fresh water from your hose first.) 

Top to Bottom
To begin, start at the top and rinse off any heavy dirt and debris with water. Once this is done, apply the soap and water onto your vehicle using a soap dispensing nozzle. By applying soap onto the car surface using the nozzle, it will loosen dirt, and provide much needed viscosity so that you do not scratch the paint surface. 

Dish Soap is Not for CARS!

Remember, use a proper car wash. Any other soap may contain harsh detergents or chemicals that will remove previous wax applications and dry out your paint. After you have sprayed the car with the soap, rinse it with fresh water and then repeat the step. This step is crucial because any dirt that is trapped on the surface has potential to damage the paint. If you skip this step and start rubbing the paint surface with a sponge or brush, there is a likely chance that you will scratch the paint.  

Always be Gentle
For best results we recommend that you use a microfiber or wool wash mitt. They are soft, absorbent and lift surface dirt safely and effectively. Start at the top! Using your wash mitt you can begin to lather the vehicle and gently rub the paint for a deep clean. Work in sections, and then rinse. This will help avoid letting the soap dry on the surface and reduce watermarks. Tip… for best rinsing results; remove the nozzle from the hose and let the water run along the paint surface. This will promote sheeting action and the vehicle will be virtually dry and spot free! Shining Monkey D-Spec Car Wash is formulated to be gentle on your car and won’t strip off any wax protection that you have applied. It is pH balanced to promote sheeting action and contains the right amount of wax to ensure a brilliant shine. If you are running short of time and want that extra sparkling shine, use our D-Spec Quick Detailer on the entire car surface (including the windows!). It will quickly remove any water spots and leave behind a brilliant streak free shine!! Remember, the more frequent you clean and wash your car, the faster the process becomes! Do it often, it will save you time. Next issue…Clay Bar.. When should you attempt claying your car???